A fragrance is more than just a pleasant smell. It can bring back memories and even evoke emotions.

We have a variety of different fragrances that will suit everyone's taste!

Here you can find a description of every fragrance we offer you! Have a read and we hope you'll find the fragrance that you will enjoy and love.


Lemon Curd

A mouthwatering lemon curd fragrance with top notes of fizzy lemon sweetened by vanilla pods and sugar.


Fairy Dust

A soft floral Oriental accord with cool opening notes of soft bergamot, cooling green leaf and nuances of geranium and freesia.  The heart is soft and calming with white lily, orchid, rose and iris all resting on a sensual base of vanilla, musks, patchouli and amber.



With sweet and citrus notes, blended with bergamot, honeycomb, mixed berries, musk & vanilla. Similar in scent identity to 29 High Street by LUSH.


Amber & Lavender

A rich, smooth fougere fragrance opening with cool bergamot, lemon, lime and lavender enhanced by basil and geranium. A heart of warm spices, rose and fern is supported by a sumptuous base of patchouli, moss, tonka, vanilla and amber.


Yummy Scrummy

With similar notes of Fresh strawberries, whipped cream and buttery caramel sauce, truly scrummy!


Cherry Kisses

A fun fizzy fruity fragrance of cherries, pineapple, rhubarb, strawberry, peach, berries and almond supported by sweet juicy citrus notes of orange and lime along with clove, sugar and vanilla.


Pure White Laundry

Similar in scent to ‘Pure’ fabric softener. This fragrance has top notes of peach, orange, cotton blossom and mint leaf, middle notes of jasmine, rose water and ylang, on a base of musk, cedar, vanilla and amber.



This fragrance exudes a rich smell associated with a floral woody amber scent. There are undertones of jasmine, with hints of cashmeran wood and white amber that complement each other to recreate that much loved Alien Fragrance. 



This fragrance scent as a rich spicy scent with a delicate hint of Floral aroma that combine to recreate that well loved Vanilla scent.


Sweet Orange

This scent was specially formulated to evoke the familiar and delightful fresh scent of a juicy freshly squeezed Sweet Orange.



This fragrance will bring back childhood memories with the familiar sweet mouth-watering scent of this popular confectionery. Enjoy a sweet bubblegum fragrance with hints of juicy orange, ripe raspberry and light floral notes.


Twilight Garden

The Twilight Garden Fragrance is inspired by the well known cleaning scent. This fragrance is a cocktail of Jasmine, Ylang, Moon Lily and Musk scents.


Marshmallow Roast

A mouth watering scent of sweet toasted vanilla with marshmallow, creamy sandalwood and caramelised sugar - this Marshmallow fragrance truly is a sweet lover's paradise.



This scent was formulated to evoke the familiar and delightful fresh scent associated with freshly picked Roses. It will relax you and remind you of those long lazy summer days with a beautiful Clean Crisp Scent of Roses with hints of geranium, dewy stems and regal iris.


Black Opium

This scent is remarkably similar to the popular perfume. It has a mystery to it with a strong energy from the addictive Black Coffee scent, along with White Florals and Vanilla to add some sweetness.


Candy Floss

This scent captures the funfair essence in a bottle. The sweet smell of candy floss will evoke your senses and take you back to your fun and carefree childhood.


Lime Basil & Mandarin

This scent has a rich blend of Peppery Basil and aromatic White Thyme. They all combine and complement each other with an unexpected twist to the scents of Lime and Mandarin.


Arabian Nights

This lovely scent has fresh notes of eucalyptus, bergamot and lavandin, mixed with Rose, Lavender and wood. This is a scent that will intrigue your senses.


Pina Colada

This scent is a perfect recreation of the refreshing cocktail Pina Colada, with top notes of Pineapple, Rum, Orange mixed with Coconut and Vanilla.


Kreed For Her

This fragrance features a fruity, Floral scent, highlighted by Green Apple, Pink Pepper, and sparkling Calabrian Bergamot.


Strawberry Daiquiri

This is a bold fragrance of the so popular frozen beverage. Fresh red ripe strawberries and smooth orange notes are accompanied with white rum, vanilla and lime.


Watermelon Margarita

This fragrance has a sweet distinctive smell of freshly squeezed watermelon juice, kiwi and lime subtly blended with tequila with hints of crisp green florals. This has a sweet watermelon smell.



This fragrance has a mix of fresh bergamot, coconut and  juicy orange with hints of amber and vanilla. Our Seychelles scent will really remind you of a tropical island.


Baby Powder

This fragrance smells just like Baby Powder! It recreates the sweet clean baby oil fragrance spot on! Has scents such as Rose, Lilac and Geranium with hints of Musk, Balsams, Tonka and Vanilla. 


Purple Rain

Purple Rain is a refreshing fruity citrus scent with top notes of lime, lemon and triple sec with middle notes of cranberry and Cointreau and a base of sweet sugar. 


Aloe & Cucumber

This refreshing fragrance embodies crisp cucumbers, invigorating green aloe and a splash of fresh citrus, to create a scent as delicate as a warm summers breeze.


Eucalyptus & Spearmint

This fragrance is a spa-like relaxing blend of mind-clearing eucalyptus and soothing uplifting spearmint.


Pear Drops

This is a rich fruity confectionary fragrance of pear drops and apples, orange, peach and musk. It smells just like that all time favorite sweet.


Snowy Fairies

This is a beautiful candy-sweet combination of pear, cotton candy, vanilla and cherry that reminds us of an elevated bubble gum type scent. It's very similar to the much loved soap and bath bomb high street retailer. 


Pumpkin Pecan Pie

This a warm and delicious combination of pumpkin, pecan and ginger snap biscuits with hints of chocolate and vanilla. 


Candy Cane

This scent smells just like the Christmas classic Candy Cane. It has top notes of peppermint, vanilla and sugar.  


Apple Spice

This scent is a popular festive rich spicy blend of cinnamon, apple and nutmeg with hints of plum with base notes of rich creamy vanilla.


Cookie Dough

This scent has top notes of cookie dough, coconut, vanilla and rich cream. Definitely a mouth watering fragrance.


Bonfire Night

This scent is inspired by bonfire. It has top notes of patchouli, sandalwood, warm amber and leather


Gingerbread House

A zesty ginger festive fragrance opens with with a rich blend of sugar crisp, vanilla and caramel.


Jamaican Me Crazy

A fruit filled fragrance that opens with citrus notes which are then blended with passion fruit, strawberries and pineapple with lower scents of vanilla and coconut to pack a fruity punch. 


Peony & Amber

A luxurious fragrance with top notes of juicy red apple, floral notes of peony blossom, Jasmin, gillyflower and rose, mixing with soft blush suede.


Spiced Pumpkin

A rich and spicy pumpkin fragrance opening with top notes of juicy pumpkin, red apple and nutmeg, with a heart of warm plum, cinnamon and a creamy vanilla sweet base.


Christmas Tree

Top notes of bergamot, frozen eucalyptus, orange peel and laurel, mid notes of sparkling cinnamon, white camphor and cyclamen finishing with base notes of fir needle, white balsam, cedar, sandalwood and musky notes.


Cinnamon Cranberry & Orange

A spicy, fruity combination of cranberry with middle notes of orange and a hint of cinnamon with back notes of soft, sweet fruit musks and raspberry.


Frankincense & Myrrh

A luxurious mystical oriental fragrance with top notes of frankincense, myrrh and bergamot, with middle notes of fig leaves, lush spices and lemon with bottom notes of precious woods and amber. This Frankincense & Myrrh scent is sure to remind you of Christmas.


Night Before Christmas

A rich warm spicy cinnamon orange fragrance that is sure to put you in the Christmas spirit.


Pine Cone

Invoke the smells of Christmas with this fresh pine scent with woody notes of pine, cedar, moss and eucalyptus to recreate the magic smell of a pine Christmas tree. This Pine scent really does smell of pine cones.


Salted Caramel

This scent smells just like the well known American candle scent. Packed full of the mouthwatering scents of caramel, vanilla, brown sugar and salted butter. 


Sparkling Lights

A citrus / spice fragrance oil with top notes of Siberian Fir, Pine and bergamot, mid notes of clove and mandarin, rounded off with cedarwood, amber and sandalwood.  


Sugar Cookies

A sweet / gourmand fragrance oil with top notes of buttery baked cookies and vanilla, mid notes of coconut and icing sugar and base notes of vanilla bean and warm amber.


Sweater Weather

An outdoors fragrance with top notes of white thyme, bergamot and pink pepper, mid notes of violet leaf, neroli and white amber rounded off with base notes of French vanilla, sandalwood and vetiver.


Under The Mistletoe

An enchanting romantic fragrance with top notes of citrus, middle notes of Jasmine, oriental undertone, orchid, floral and pine and bottom notes of Spicy cinnamon and woody bark.


Vapour Rub

This scent smells very similar to that well known vapour rub used by millions.


Winter Glow Yankee

A crisp scent of frosted leaves on snow-covered evergreen trees with a subtle mint undertone to remind you of the festive period.


Sparkling Fizz & Citrus

This fragrance will remind you of the delightful scent of a newly opened bottle of chilled pink champagne. Packed full of the rich scents of Pink Pomelo and Grapefruit with background hints of rose, lily and musks. It will uplift you with its crisp clean scent.


Sandalwood & Vanilla

A blend of coconut milk and warm cinnamon, with hints of Jasmine and Sandalwood, with cedar, musk and vanilla. Its a delicate fragrance that you will love.


Coconut & Shea

This scent is a blend of rich creamy aroma of coconut and shea butter with middle notes of lily, heliotrope, hawthorn and violet on a soft base of vanilla, tonka, and amber.


Baccarat Rouge

This is an intense linear harmony of jasmine and saffron rounded with woody amber and fir balsam. We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance company.  


Egyptian Amber

An intensely rich aroma with crisp top notes of bergamot, lemon, orange and warming spices enhanced by floral touches of lavender, geranium and jasmine with a full exotic background of amber, precious woods, incense and musks.


Velvet Rose & Oud

A lovely mixture of velvet rose combined with smoky oud wood with hints of clove and praline.


Coco Madam

A chypre accord opening with bergamot, lemon, lime, orange, green leaf, apple, plum, cassis and galbanum leading to a heart of jasmine, rose, lily, freesia, violet and gardenia with marine hints on a rich base of patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, vanilla, tonka and musks.



A luxury mixture of Mandarin, Grapefruit, Citrus Sparkling, combined with Green Lemon Sherbet. Base notes of Gourmand and Sweet Caramel reminiscent of lazy afternoons at the height of summer.


Oriental Musk

A warm musky fragrance of Moroccan amber, spicy cinnamon and bitter orange with base notes of sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla.


Vanilla Lime

A bright sparkling citrus fragrance with zesty limes and hints of lemon softened with creamy vanilla.


Banana Milkshake

A stewed fruity banana accord with a sweet creamy vanilla sugary base.


Peony & Blush Suede

A fruity floral fragrance with notes of red apple and peony combined with carnation, rose and jasmine with base notes of dry amber, violet and plum.


Party Time

comforting accord with soft peach skin, apricot and sweet lemon, blended with a delicate white florals on a base of musks and ylang ylang.


Rose Petal Jam

Opening with notes of lemon and apple, with a heart of rose, geranium and berries with a base of musk, sugar and vanilla. 


Confectionary Dreams

A fruity mouthwatering blend of fresh red strawberries and sun ripened raspberries on a sweet balsamic base of sugar meringue, fresh cream and vanilla with a touch of sandal.



A sweet juicy tropical accord with pineapple chunks blended with freshly sliced mango, pear and peach skin.


Tranquil Moments

A relaxing spa type scent with sweet orange and rosemary, calming lavender and geranium heart, resting on a cedarwood and patchouli base.



A mouthwatering blend of peach, cherry and creamy almond, with floral middle notes, blended with vanilla and Tonka bean.


Bora Bora

A tropical summer accord with top notes of fresh pineapple, peach, passionfruit, exotic fruits and juicy grapefruit onto a heart of mango and tropical fruits on a base of soft musk.


Peach Bellini

With strong top notes of peach, pear and citrus with undertones of vanilla. If you like the smell of a ripe peach you will love this scent.


New Car 

A powerful scent of leather and that wonderful smell associated with new cars.


Red Berry Cooler

 A sweet fruity fragrance bursting with juicy berries!


Soapy Doves

A clean fragrance with fruity top notes of citrus and orange. Spicy, floral middle notes of rose, jasmine and orris. Woody bottom notes of musk, vanilla, amber and cedarwood.


Juicy Apple

A beautiful crisp, juicy apple scent.


Caribbean Berry & Melon

An exotic twist of sweet mangoes and succulent strawberries, served up with a juicy slice of melon.


Blue Raspberry Slushy

A fruity scent reminiscent of gummy sweets, with creamy top notes of green apple and plum. Oriental and floral middle notes of jasmine, rose and orchid. Woody bottom notes of vanilla, malt, amber and musk.


Avo Bubbles

An earthy, citrus fragrance with top notes of lemon. Floral, herbal middle notes of orchid. Woody bottom notes of musk.


Marshmallow & White Peach

A sweet, colourful gourmand of sun ripened raspberry top notes descending to a heart of rose marshmallow accord, peach and hints of apple supported by sweet vanilla fluffy musks and peach.


Marshmallow & Lemon Buttercream

A sweet lemon and sugar icing fragrance with supporting notes of orange, coconut, sweet sugar, vanilla, and fluffy marshmallow.


Lenny Sunny Kisses

A scent of spring flowers and hints of natural patchouli and white cedar for an invigorating accord. 


Flora Midnight

A fragrance bursting with mystical and seductive notes of oriental roses and orange blossoms that envelope rich dark amber accords.




A powdery fruity fragrance with delicate citrus notes, hints of fruity melon and peach enhanced with jasmine, white lily, creamy notes of vanilla, musks, cedar, sandal and warm amber.

This fragrance oil is similar in style and identity to the perfume. We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance company.


Autumn Leaves

An oriental floral accord with top notes of mandarin orange, lily, gardenia and white flowers leading to a heart of pepper, peach, frankincense, tobacco, cassis, plum, raspberry and pear on a base of patchouli, sandalwood, amber, musks and vanilla.